Why Tower-Coat


Why Tower-Coat
No need to replace the tower. No need to replace your tower. pour Tower-Coat into the pan and it will self-level and even cure under water. With very little labor Tower-Coat can restore most pans in a matter of minutes.

Protect Your Assets With Tower-Coat

Tower-Coat offers superb chemical resistance to many corrosive agents. The incorporation of rubber allows for flexibility as well as high impact resistance. High cross-linked density, ceramic filled novolac designed to provide long-term chemical resistance and immersion service. Tower-Coat even adheres to damp substrates. Includes an anti-microbal additive.


Expand the life of your air-handler units by coating your pans with Tower-Coat. By utilizing Tower-Coat the exclusively designed epoxy coating for the HVAC trade, you will be able to eliminate rust and corrosion and clogged drain holes due to rust build-up. Annual cleaning can be done in minutes. vs. hours.


  • Eliminates future rust and corrosion.
  • Improves air quality due to no rust and corrosion build-up.
  • Easy clean-up for annual cleanings.
  • 2-part epoxy with anti-microbal additives included.
  • 2,700 lbs per square inch of adhesion.
  • Made of 100 solids and no VOCs… safe for the environment.